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Open discussions & collaborate on the facts. We're committed to civility & people before politics.

About Us

Bridging Minds Collective (BMC) is an online, women-led organization that promotes civil political communication between all parties. We believe learning the skills for open-minded, healthy communication needs a place on the internet, and we’ve created it.

My name is Sara Goff, and I founded Bridging Minds Collective in July of 2019. I’m a mom, an author, and I run a nonprofit that supports a few of our world’s poorest schools while encouraging the students to express themselves through writing. My cause has always been the importance of self-expression to a stable and happy society.

Human beings are created to be heard and to listen, and this is our focus at Bridging Minds. We stand against the political divide that is silencing us and undermining the strength of our country. It’s not about changing minds, but building bridges between our unique experiences in order to move forward as the democratic republic that America is and was created to be.

Can you imagine Republicans and Democrats – liberals and conservatives – getting together to talk politics?

We’ve been told it’s impossible, but we’re proving it can be done. With a commitment to the facts and the desire to put respect for others before raw emotions, we’re changing the nature of politics from accusatory to proactive, thinking about what we can accomplish when we listen to one another.

Every conversation counts.

Join us to discuss the political and social issues that affect our lives — all genders — as well as our children’s lives one day. Working together, by building bridges across party lines, we can unite America!

We’re sponsor-free and do not have political ties to one party.

Why You Should Join Us

We are your personalized news source! Post the issues that interest you to gain a broader and deeper understanding of what's going on in our country and beyond. Together, we collaborate on the facts to share and discuss our unique life stories and expertise.

Benefits –

All viewpoints are welcome and encouraged, knowing that it is our individual responsibility to create the cooperation we desire.

Mend strained or severed relationships. With practice, you can become a better communicator and listener when discussing sensitive topics.

Our Rules and Guidelines help us stick to the facts, stay on topic, and have civil discussions with the goal of making meaningful connections.

We facilitate ways for you to share who you are, your hobbies and expertise, in order to promote unique services within our Community and build connections.

You will have access to live stream discussions, local groups to connect with people in your state or with similar interests, as well as giveaways!

Bridging Minds facilitates understanding to build bridges across party lines. Friendly moderators help to fact check, maintain focus, and uphold a collaborative tone.

Join our active community devoted to civil, informed discussions on politics and the social issues that affect our lives.

Together, we can learn to think for ourselves, stay in control of our emotions, and better understand our differences for a stronger, united America!

A Big Thanks

Thank you for joining us and making the Community possible. Your participation has a meaningful impact on creating a strong, collaborative, and happy America!